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Hanan Anando who was Hanan Martsiano who was Hanan Marciano, his grandparents came from Morocco to Haifa.

Ronen Izhaki, who was Ronen Amrami, his grandparents came from Persia and Yemen to Jerusalem.

Remember what was almost erased and lost forever.

Some of it we still remember, some we recreate, some inventors and some just imagine.

Choreography: Hanan Anando Mars, Ronen Izhaki 

Dancers: Hanania Schwartz, Eyal Ogen, Yuval Azulai, Yair Barbash, Elior Habani, Alon Barsheshet, Danny Kinreich, Jean-Mark Lilling, Elkana Maitlis. 

Musicians: Yair Tahrir Kochav - vocals, Eliyahu Dgami - oud and guitar, Yoni Sharon - percussion instruments 

Video: Rafael Balulu

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