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צילום: אהרון פז

Composition as a paperless movement.


This is our music project which is a continuation project of the composer and cellist Gideon Levinson with the singer actor and radio man Dori Ben Zeev, with the composer the keyboard player and other instruments, Yigal Martenbaum, the composer and wind instrument player Shai Cohen and the composer arranger and keyboardist Roy Zoarz. Five musicians create from a wide arc of musical culture, working in movement and methodically observing creative processes without the burden of graphic documentation in the outline.
Documentation and literacy in Western music despite their enormous contribution come at a high price from the authenticity and vitality of the processes of musical creation, especially when these notation skills operate simultaneously with the musical work itself.

In this project we look at the gesture of the sound of the word of language in body movements and the founding theatrical potential, a fertile and growing fertile force of the musical work.

Artistic management: Gideon Levinson and Ronen Yitzhaki.


צילום: אהרון פז

Project archive

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." George Carlin

A musical ensemble led by Gideon Levinson in a project that explores the connection between a movement gesture and a musical gesture.  

Musical guidance: Gideon Lewensohn


Gideon Lewensohn- ​Cello Itzchak Vinokur- Accordion
Meir Yaniger- Marimba, Vibraphone


Hanania Schwartz | Yuval Azoulay| Eyal Ogen

Artistic management: Ronen Izhaki 

צילום: אהרון פז

צילום: אהרון פז

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