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Kaet Ensemble

There are some dwarves who stand on the shoulders of giants, and others who dance on the shoulders of giants: The Kaet Ensemble - an all-male contemporary Orthodox, Jewish dance group.




Orthodox Jewish men learn Torah. Maybe they’ll learn literary arts, or drawing - but to learn an art form focused on the body? The world of the body is a stranger to Orthodox Jewish culture, and vice versa.


We are blessed to develop contemporary dance that stems from the vibrant world of an ancient religion, advancing this vision on the professional stage, in Israel and around the world. Without concessions to ourselves or to our audiences, we focus a direct gaze on the conflict between body and soul, between tradition and modernity, and from this tectonic rift, we unveil a new language full of pain, honesty, and hope.


Come and see a new language being born - a language that expands accepted boundaries: The world of Jewish spirituality does not appeal only to religious individuals, and the world of contemporary dance does not only appeal to secular audiences.

צילום: ירדן מאירוביץ'

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