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KAMPI was established following a long-standing discourse and joint work between independent creative bodies and artists in Jerusalem with the aim of promoting the dance and creative scene in Jerusalem. Campi is  A new collaborative fund established at the initiative of three leading independent dance organizations in Jerusalem - the KTMMON Dance Group, an entire dance between heaven and earth that will enable economic cooperation between the bodies.

The vision of this initiative is based on the collaborative model on which it is based, a model that enables the unification of resources, an increased sense of belonging and community empowerment - values that the dance community needs today.

The cooperative bank consists of three circles-  Partners, beneficiaries and supporters who deposit membership fees, while the partner community will receive grants for projects such as research budget, professional advice, production of new work and more.

By matching the gifts and services to the three circles, we can enable services and content relevant to each of the groups. Together - we will strengthen the sense of belonging and create an innovative vision for the independent Jerusalem dance community.  KMPI is open to all who want to strengthen the community and benefit from it. The KMPI account will be managed  In a sustainable bank - a sustainable association.

Photo: Yadin Miller

Campi management

The cooperative bank consists of three circles. 

Two main support circuits;

1- 'Partners' 

2- 'Enjoy' 

And a third circle - 'supporters'


Those who join the Jerusalem Dance Bank from the first two circles ('partners' and 'enjoy'), deposit a token monthly amount. This amount will join ongoing support raised from the third group ('supporters').

List of companies:  

First Circle - 'Partners' 

Designed for professional choreographers and dancers, performance creators, artistic directors and researchers who are professionally and permanently active in the field of dance in Jerusalem. 

These participants deposit a token amount of NIS 30 per month / NIS 360 per year.  


Circle Two - 'Enjoying' 

Intended for the general public, friends, families, supportive artists, students and dance and culture lovers in Jerusalem and in general. These enjoy regular benefits for shows, events and special content that will be published for them and will gain first and sometimes exclusive exposure with this audience.  In addition, workshops, opportunities and regular updates on what is happening in the Jerusalem dance arena. 

Joining this circle is conditional on an annual contribution of an amount to choose from, starting from NIS 300 per year / depositing a monthly amount of NIS 25 per month.


Third Circle - 'Supporters' 

This circle will be joined by donors, foundations, and those with an affinity for the field of dance, who are interested in investing in its development and leaving it independent of political or political influence. The circle of supporters will receive a quarterly report on the activity and the distribution of donations. If the need arises for intervention in the selection of projects or a grant for a particular project, the application will be considered by the management of the Dance Bank.


The total donations collected are distributed once a quarter in the coming year among the artists and organizations for the giving of the gifts.

  Below is a list of the services.

Photo: Yadin Miller

What does joining KMPI mean for the artists?

A. Ongoing services and support from the bodies:

Joining  To KMP  Allows you to receive ongoing benefits such as:  Subsidy for photography productions, including technical services of lighting, sound and content accompaniment, studio subsidy, holding events as part of 'routine' for a fee - priority for community members, accompaniment in fundraising, branding, submitting support requests, residency option, show discounts, enrichment workshops, artist meetings , Participation in programs dedicated to members of the Jerusalem Campus, the possibility of subscribing to a joint dance is being examined.


B. A grant given once a quarter in the first year of the first circle The 'Partners' will be earmarked for budgeting a new research / work and a budget for running an existing show.  


The grants are distributed through a lottery at the request of KMPI partners who took part in the 2021 meetings.

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