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We are between heaven and earth, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, between an ancient Hasidic world and a world of contemporary culture. We enjoy being a medium between the edges and also thank for having the edges as they are. Applaud with right hand and left hand.

The work was created with the generous support of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Sports - Dance Department.

Choreography: Ronen Izhaki 

Creative dancers: Hanania Schwartz, Alon Reich, Yuval Azulai, Eyal Ogen

Guest dancers: Neria Cohen, Jean-Mark Lilling, Barak Drori, Shlomo Dahan

Production: Ella Tzobari, Michal Schwartz

Music: Gideon Levinson, Rami Treisman

Live music: Daniel Zamir

Musical advice: Shalag Sheetrit

Costume design: Yeshayahu Rabinovich

Space design: Yossi Nagar

Artistic accompaniment: Nava Frenkel, Tami Yitzhaki

Lighting design: Amir Castro

Rehearsal management: Idan Forges

Stills: Gadi Dagon // Video: Oren Mansura

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