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Faded Sandpaper

Dear audience and friends,


Human memory is like a page made up of pairs of pages. When you write on one page, marks are also written on the page below it. The listing on the bottom page, Freud says, is maintained even when the listing on the top page is deleted and replaced with another listing. Haviva Pedia writes that we are not aware of how much the deep layer that is below is necessary for our existence, even if it is half-erased. This layer must exist, both in the personal consciousness and in that of the Israeli collective 2019.

A festival between Heaven and the 11th Land brings the intricate physicality of the immigrants, the sons of the immigrants and their grandchildren, revealing the erased pages and the drawings left on paper. The works on display at the festival, all of which are premiered, work in front of and in connection with memory, longing, belonging, stories that are told implicitly or shouting, resisting or seeking to return to the home of grandparents.

I thank from the bottom of my heart all the partners who walk with us along the way, to the Ministry of Culture, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, Bader philanthropies, the expanding circle of friends between heaven and earth, the brave and courageous artists, and to you a respectable audience - we exist thanks to you.



Ronen Yitzhaki, CEO of the Center between Heaven and Earth


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