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קול קורא פסטיבל בין שמיים לארץ 2023

When Mahya comes to the shuk, the entire marketplace turns into a dance floor. People meet, mingle and make new connections.

Mahya (Araq in Moroccan) is a group of graduates from the Kol Atzmotai Tomarna Academy, individuals who yearned to continue to dance, dream and study even after school ended. The group was founded in 2014 and meets regularly every week. Mahia members perform mainly in public places, and can often be found dancing in the Mahne Yehuda shuk, in the Old City of Jerusalem, Zion Square and other public venues.

Last year, Mahia introduced the Israeli-Jewish-Arab audience (immigrants from North Africa and Asia) to the world of dance and petitioned a place for them in modern culture. Their project presents the debka, the traditional Arab dance, together with connections to modern dance that reflect upon the people and daily goings-on in the local shuks.

The Mahia Group is growing and welcomes new members.
To join, contact: Eyal Ogen 0526071051 |

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